Northland Ethnic Festival

March 29

Park Hill South


Success Secret # 28 Always give 100%.

Sometimes gifted kids assume that because they are smart and most things come very easily to them, homework will be a breeze. The truth is, being smart isn't enough to have success in school. It also takes discipline, self-control, and commitment. If you are already in the habit of giving less than your best, then you will struggle when things get harder. Confronted with difficult work without the necessary work habits to persevere can leave you feeling like a failure--all because you became comfortable with giving less than your best. Give 100% in everything you do and try, you will havethe necessary drive and perseverance to push through the difficult work until it becomes easy. Taken from 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids by Christine Fonseca. A great reminder during independent project time!!