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All About Me

I was born in Fayetteville Arkansas, I come from a great home life. My family always supports me, and tries to give me everything I ask, I truly am blessed. My family includes my Mom, Dad, my twin brother Justin, and my six year old brother Luke. I love them all so much, and I couldn't be any more thankful for all they do. My two best friends are Ashlynn Bratcher and Ashton Gibson, we all have so many crazy memories together. My other friends are Preston Gurley, Kala Himschoot, Kahner Seat, and Christian Robbins they are seriously the funniest. My hobbies include sports such as Basketball, AAU, Cheerleading, Tumbling, Tennis, and Golf. I have many interests such as hanging out with friends, sports... obviously, and drawing. I also have my fair share of weaknesses which is writing, history, and so on. Some of my career goals include playing D1 basketball for the Arkansas Razorbacks, becoming a Pediatric Nurse or a Physical Therapist. My life goals would be to accomplish one of my career goals. I would like to get married, have two children a girl and a boy and make the most out of life. So basically that is all about me.


After taking the self-esteem test, I learned about my ability to deal with rejection. I ended up with the results of 20 out of 100, and I don't find them very accurate. I feel as if my results should have been higher than what it was showing. My reasoning behind this is because I have never though of myself having a low self-esteem. I have always thought it has been decent. But to improve my results and to work on my self esteem in the future I think that I should learn how to take criticism better, and not be so hard on myself.
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When I took the attitude test, my results said that I try to positive and optimistic. However some situation get the best of me. I was informed that I need to identify my triggers for negative and use rational thinking exercises to naturally become more optimistic. I think these results were very accurate, because I know I can sometimes be a very negative thinker. I have always felt like my attitude plays a big role in how I handle thing and if I have a negative one then it will show in the things I do or how I react top people. I now know to practice exercises so I can be more optimistic instead of negative.
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Career Aptitude

When I took the career aptitude test my results listed different kinds of job that would best fit me. Such as, Family and General Practitioner, Orthodontist, Mathematics, Optometrists, Podiatrists, Law Teachers; Post Secondary, General Pediatrician, Psychiatrists, Hospitalists, or a Political Scientist. I somewhat agree with my results, I do not think that some of them fit me. However since the time I was little I always knew I wanted to be some kind of doctor, and I have always wanted to work with kids so being a Pediatric Nurse is something I have always wanted to do. I feel like my results were very accurate when it came to being a general pediatrician, and family and general practitioner. Seeing these results have given me other things to look at and new jobs to discover and research.
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Learning Style

After taking the learning styles assessment, I have learned that I am a tactile learner. Being a tactile learner means that I use touching and doing as my main mode of learning. I am what they say a "hands- on learner, and I strongly agree with my results. My reasoning for agreeing with my results is that I have always learned better if I am able to do it. I have a hard time sitting there and listening to a lecture, not because I can understand or comprehend, just because I get bored and start to not pay attention. So being a tactile learner is my learning style.
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Personality Type

After I took the personality type test, I was told that my personality type is called "ENFP". That stands for Extravert, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. What that means is that I see everyone and everything as part of a cosmic hole. I agree with my results because I do see things that way, I love doing new things and meeting new people so I agree with my results when they say I am a "people"/ "idea" person. I have always thought of everything as a whole because that's what the world is.
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Brain Orientation

After taking the brain orientation test my results showed that I use 38% of the left side of my brain and 62% of the right side of my brain. Using more of the right side of my brain I am what they say "right-brained". Being right brained means I am usually more creative, I am very curious, I use intuition, etc... I agree with my results completely, I am very creative, I think outside the box, I tend to look at things differently. Left-brained people use more strategy, and logic where as I tend to do the opposite.
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Personality Color

When I took the personality color test, it showed me that I belong to the blue color family. Being apart of the blue color family it says that I am deep, comforting, emotionally, and naturally intuitive. I have always had a sixth sense, and I rely on my intuition. I agree with my results, I have always been that way. I can sometimes be "melancholy" at times but I just need space to recharge my emotional energies.
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