Walt Disney

by Jillian Lamb


Walt was born on December 5th , 1901 in Hermosa Illonois.

As a child he enjoyed drawing and painting. He began to sell pictures to people in his neighborhood. As he aged Walt got a summer job with his uncles railroad


Walt did not graduate college, rather he went to an art institute for art classes.

As for highschool, Walt attended McKinley High-School in Chicago.

Work Background

After dropping out of highschool, Walt decided to join the army, but was not admitted due to his being underage. He later moved to France where he drove an ambulance for a year.

Company History

Walt began films in 1919 but did not create the first Mickey film in 1923 when he released "Steamboat Willie", which became wildly popular. He later created his first full length film "Snow White", which did not only earn him 1.5 mil, but 8 Oscars. The first Disney theme park was opened in California in 1955- Disneyland was a prime location for family vacations.

Walt Disney, a true legend

Walt has now became known for the man responsible for some of the most influential forms of media, with a theme park universally know as "The Happiest Place on Earth".

Fun Facts

  • Walt's cartoons were stolen by a different group, but were unsuccessful.
  • Walt and his brother hired an artist, who Walt later married.
  • Disney parks were later opened in Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and Shaghai

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