By: Isha Agasthi


Perseverance is not giving up and doing something to defeat a tough situation by being strong and having a conviction when failures may come in the way.

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Eleanor Roosevelt & Jackie Robinson, How They Both Persevered (Compare & Contrast)

Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt both have had many adversities in their lives that prevented them from doing what they have wanted. Jackie Robinson was an African American and he didn't have the same rights as white people. He was not allowed to play in the MLB and wasn't allowed to travel on the same bus as his teammates. Jackie Robinson was also physically and verbally abused and he couldn't say anything about it. Eleanor Roosevelt's mother hated her since the day she was born because Eleanor was ugly. Since Eleanor's mother always made fun of her and never complimented her or made Eleanor feel good about herself, Eleanor became shy and didn't have any self esteem. When Eleanor was 8 years old, both her mother and brother died in the same year to an illness. Eleanor's husband, Franklin D. Roosevelt suffered from polio and almost died the first time he got it. Eleanor and Jackie were both similar because they both persevered through hard times and were persistent by never giving up.

The Legendary Jackie Robinson (Cause & Effect)

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One of The Most Important Women In History (Problem & Solution)

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Living Life on The Sandy Road (Chronological/ Sequence)

Once upon a time, there was a merchant who lived in a small village and wanted to sell his goods . He wanted to go to town so he packed all of his goods in lots of carts and started the trip with his partners who would accompany him. One of his partners guided them by looking at the stars, so they only traveled at night and slept during the day. Then one morning, the partner who was guiding them said that there was only one more night to get to the town so the merchant said that they could throw the water they had away because they wouldn't need it since they would reach the town. Eventually it was nighttime and the group continued their journey. During the journey, the guide accidentally fell asleep while the oxen were still moving. After the guide woke up, he realized that they had came back to the same place they started the same day. The merchant was thinking how they could get water since they threw their water away. Soon he thought that since there is grass there should be water or the grass wouldn't be there . Next, he got a spade and hammer and started digging until they found a rock. Then the merchant told the serving boy to try and open the rock. The boy showed persistence by not giving up and kept hitting the rock harder each time he hit it. Finally, the rock broke and the hole filled with water, and they had plenty of water. After they were done drinking and bathing, they rested since it was still morning. After the sunset, they continued their journey again and reached the town in the morning. The merchant sold lots of his goods and made lots of earnings and happily went back to their village.

The Story of Nadja Salerno- Sonnenberg (Description)

Nadja Salerno- Sonnenberg had lots of triumphs in her life. Her biggest triumph was when she had won the 1981 Walter W. Naumburg International Violin Competition. She thought that she was inadequate and not good enough to win the competition. As she kept trying to become better by practicing for thirteen hours each day, she realized that the more she practiced, the better she became. After she had made it to the finals, she realized that this performance was the best she had played in her whole life. She didn't care if she won the award anymore because all that mattered to her was that she had played her best. After Nadja realized that she had won the competition, she got to perform around the world and show the world her talent.

The Experience of Being An Orphan Train Rider

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Lessons Learned From Perseverance

The lessons that are learned from perseverance are that even though there may be hard times, never give u and stay strong. Something learned from Eleanor Roosevelt, is that even though her mother always told her how ugly she was and never accepted her, Eleanor still found a way to become confident about herself and not let what her mother said about her, get to her. Something that is learned from Nadja is that even though she knew that she wasn't good at the violin, she kept on practicing to make herself better than she ever was before. She made sure that even if she didn't win, she would still be proud of herself for playing her best. Something that is learned from Jackie Robinson is that even though people discriminated him because he was an African American playing in the MLB, he still never gave up and kept on doing what he loved to do. Something learned from the Sandy Road, is that the boy who needed to break the rock so everyone could get water, thought about how everyone needed to be saved each time he hit the hammer on the rock. He also never gave up because he couldn't break the rock, he kept on trying and finally broke it. This is what can be learned from perseverance and helps people understand that even if there are difficulties that may come in the way, they can persevere through it.