Do you know how astronauts train?

They train forever!

I selected this topic because I knew I would find lots of information on it.

There Training

Astronauts train in many different ways. Astronauts train by working out and staying fit before they blast off into space. They also train for their space missions by practicing for zero gravity in a zero gravity room in NASA. Most importantly before they can do any of that the astronauts undergo hundreds of houses of training, studding and testing to be eligible to go into space. To sum it up astronauts do spend lots of time training even if they don’t get to go up to space, they still have a privilege for being an astronaut. The most interesting thing I learned was how long it really takes astronauts to train.

Astronauts are very brave to go that far up into space! hear are some picturs of what astronauts look like in there uniforms.


One astronaut named Neil Armstrong was the first person on the moon.Many more astronauts have been on the moon since then,but Neil Armstrong was the first person to go.Astronauts are very brave to be able to go up to space.


"Traing at the European Astronaut Center"


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