AutoDrive can come in 2 different colours, white and black.

It can come in a range, 5 seats, 7 seats or 12 seats. ($40,000- 5 seats)

And there is a medium sized screen in the front of the car (inside) in the middle of the driver and passenger seat.

Why should YOU buy this??

Well, AutoDrive has many advantages to it.

1. You can sleep during driving!! It will save time instead of stopping for sleep breaks.

2. You don't need knowledge on how to get to your destination- have you ever had to use a map or A GPS because you don't know where to go?? Well with AutoDrive, it knows every place and street in Australia.

3. You save money on GPS'. Have you ever bought an expensive GPS that can be really, dodgy and it sends you in the wrong direction. AutoDrive is a built GPS only this GPS won't let you down.

For Sale ONLY $40,000

AutoDrive is so preffesional, we even promise to give a full refund for the next 2 months after purchase!!

How does it work.

AutoDrive is so simple to work you can get it working and ready in 2 steps:

1. Click on the screen located in the fron of the car, in the middle of the two seats.

2. Write in your destination and you're off. *

*To stop the car, Press the stop button on the bottom left of the screen and the car will pull over to the side of the road. Then just press the go button on the bottom right side of the screen to begin driving.