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Lion King Jr. Smore

Parents, PLEASE share the link to this more with your budding actors and actresses! I will upload video of our rehearsals so that they can practice songs and dances at home....THANK YOU!!!!
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If there is a delayed opening of school: NO REHEARSAL

Parents: PLEASE make note! NO REHEARSAL if school is delayed!!!
Grassland Chant 3/2
Circle of Life 2/23
Hakuna Matata 2/23
They Live in You 2/8.
Be Prepared 2/8
Just Can't Wait to Be King 2/8
Grassland Chant 2/8
Lioness Hunt 2/8
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Hyena scene
Lioness Dance
Just Can't Wait to Be King
They Live in You
International Night

Doe , a deer

Hey kids! Remember warming up singing The Sound of Music the other day? Well, here's a clip for a new show coming to Netflix next month starring Maria Von Trapp herself: Julie Andrews! And it's all about..... MUSICAL THEATER!
Julie's Greenroom | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix