Arrupe Project 2015

Anthony Rascón

Arrupe Project

Based upon Catholic Social Teaching, Scripture, and the Corporal Works of Mercy, the goal of the Arrupe Project is to empower students to become men and women for others through faith, service, and justice as they demonstrate our school’s Student Learning Expectation of Being Committed to Doing Justice. Seventh and Eighth grade students at St. Francis Xavier participate in the Arrupe Project, which challenges them to research issues that affect their community. Through this project, students “pay it forward” by becoming personally engaged in their response to social injustice. During their religion class, students research local organizations that are actively engaged in ending inequality.

Students begin their project by earning $10, which is then matched by the school through grants. These start-up funds are used by the students in their fundraising efforts, which range from selling small homemade items at the Arrupe Marketplace (7th grade), to creative student-organized fundraisers (8th grade). As their Arrupe Projects conclude, students use their funds to purchase items needed by the organization, then personally deliver those items.

"Go set the world on fire." -Saint Ignatius

My Ten Dollars

I raised my ten dollars by doing various small jobs in my family yard like picking up dead fruit and mowing the front lawn.

Commisioning Service

To me, the commissioning service was bitter sweet, because I knew it was going to be a great and interesting project, but it was also going to be our last Arrupe Project at Saint Francis Xavier. In the ceremony they had various families and former students who participated in the Arrupe Project, they had a prayer and reflection and finally the presentation of the twenty dollars, which would signify the beginning of the main part of the project. I think the best part was when the families talked about their experiences with the Arrupe Project.

MANA House

The MANA House is a peer-run group of homeless, and formerly homeless veterans offering personal, individualized service, basic resources, community and advocacy for all veterans. The MANA House is a transitional facility for veterans who are homeless, and there they help the veterans get back on their feet, find them a job, residence, etc. The name MANA comes from the the abbreviations of all the branches of the military, Marines, Air force, Army and Navy, which they direct their services to. Hence the name MANA House.
I chose the MANA House because of my experience as a military family. My father had served twenty year in the Marines and went into combat four times. I always thought that I had a tough life because of it, but when I first entered the MANA House I completely changed my idea of my family and myself changed. I was lucky enough that my dad didn't get injured in combat, but the veterans at the MANA House weren't so lucky. I feel like our veterans deserve more than what we are giving them so I decided to chose them for my Arrupe Project as a thanks for what they sacrificed.

My Event

"It is heartwarming to think that our youth are beggining to help the needy at a young age." - Karol Lankhorse

My event was held at the Phoenix Renews Garden on Indian School and Camelback, I chose this place because the MANA House and I already have a relationship with the garden so it saved a lot of stress and time. I also chose the spot because I wanted to target certain people, every Saturday the Renews Garden has a day when all the plot owners go out to mend to their rows and on a good day over ninety people come, mostly volunteers. This helped with my event because my event was a volenteer day where people could come have lunch and meet the MANA House, while helping the MANA House with their own rows of plants, so it would be helping the MANA House in two ways. In the end of the day I didn't make as much as I would liked to, mostly because of the fact that most of the people packed their own lunch and that was the only thing I charged for, so I made around 130 dollars by the end of the day. I fell like I did a good thing, and at the end of the day that is all that really matters.

My Goal vs. Actualy Raised

My minimum goal that I set for the project was 120 dollars and I ended up raising 130 dollars, although I would have liked to have gotten more than my goal just so I could buy more for them I know I reached my goal.

Purchasing and Delivering Items


I purchased four electronics for the MANA House:
  • Two HD Logitech Webcams so the veterans could see their families because some of them lived far away.
  • Two computer microphones so they can talk to their families.


This years Arrupe Project was a very tough one I think because of the fact that the school doesn't host the event like they did with the Arrupe Marketplace. You have to go out and advertise it yourself. Overall it was a great experience and I would do it again.

Thank You

My thanks and gratitude goes out to all those who supported me during and prior to my event, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for those who helped me advertise my event, if it wasn't for you know one would have come, and a final thanks to all those who donated to the MANA House.