Globalization & Geography

and the Nike Shoe

by: Meaghan Robidoux

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Geography and Globalization affect many decisions made in life. Such as where you live, how you live and why you live where you do.

I know this because while watching a video about Planet Money making a T-Shirt it went really into depth about the people who make our clothing. A woman, Jasmine, from Bangladesh lived in a very poor village and has worked in the clothing industry since she was 16 years old. Jasmine lived in a poor village and worked to help her parents pay off their debt. In countries like Bangladesh it is hard to pick up your family and move especially when you don't know if you are going to have another meal. Jasmine and her family had to live off of what they had and that was little to nothing. The way Jasmine and her family live is similar to how people live in other developing countries as well. For them it is a way of life. I know I live in America because my great grandparents migrated from Ireland to the States. They moved because they wanted a better life for their children. Why did they decide to live in Massachusetts? There are so many questions that all tie back to geography and globalization.

My Claim in SIX WORDS

Globalization affects: economy, technology, culture, environment.
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Click on the video below if you want to see an intro of Planet Money making a t-shirt.
Introducing: Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt

Globalization is...

A process involving communication between countries economically, technologically, culturally, and environmentally.

Globalization can mean many things to everyone and can be interpreted in different ways. Not one single definition is correct or incorrect.

What does globalization mean to you?


  • All of the materials are collected from around the world
  • such as the GMO cotton that is grown in the US
  • materials are shipped to the factory in Indonesia where the shoes are made
  • from the factory the shoes are packaged and put onto a cargo ship or plain
  • once the merchandise arrives in the US it is sent to South Dakota
  • from South Dakota the shoes and shipped across the country to various stores that sell Nike as one of their brands

Many issues are caused due to globalization.

Such as economical, technological, cultural, and environmental problems.


Environmental waste is a huge issue caused by globalization and the Nike shoe. The shoe itself once it is all worn out is waste. In roughly one day 200,000 shoes a day. Eventually those shoes will be thrown out of worse be piled up in a land fill. Nike has actually been working on a solution to this problem. The Nike shoes can be recycled and used to make other sport surfaces. It is called Reuse-A-Shoe and around 1.5 million pairs of Nike athletic shoes are collected a year.
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Pros and Cons of globalization.

- increase of freedom - loss of jobs
- free trade - increase of environmental damage
-international competition - open borders ~ terrorism
- economic growth - spread of disease
- more access to medicine - less cultural diversity
- longer life expectancy - increase of poverty

- develop poor countries - sweat shops

- reduced prices
- loss of jobs
- increase of environmental damage
- open borders ~ terrorism
- spread of disease
- less cultural diversity
- increase of poverty

- sweat shops

Globalization In My Life

Everything that surrounds me can relate to globalization. The watch I wear when I run was made in China, like most goods. My sister's North face jacket was made in El Salvador. The materials to make these items come from various places around the world. Globalization is expanding and it is only going to continue. One day Dunkin Donuts will become accessible nationwide. After becoming nationwide the company might even become a global business like Starbucks. My cell phone that is constantly attached to my hand is made in China but some of the materials may come from Vietnam. In my French class at school while I'm learning a new language a learn about the cultural diversity and similarities. The list is endless and globalization plays a role in everyone's lives. Even if you don't realize it globalization affects where, how, and why you live where you do.

There are also negative aspects such as the technological world. Right now I'm taking a virtual learning class and I can communicate with my teacher through a classroom on the internet. Taking a virtual learning class can be stressful at times and difficult to navigate. As a student I prefer learning in a classroom. It is scary to even fathom that in the next 20 years or so that is how everyone will learn.

Globalization in my life in SIX WORDS

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Technology is advancing beyond my reach.
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