College and Career project

By: Cooper Stillwell

Career Research

Audio and technology is someone that repairs broken technology and they sell/rent technology that people donate them. This job also helps with film and engineering.

Education Research

The school I want to go is Oklahoma State and if your interested in technology and engineering this school is a good fit. During school you have to study hard and you will have to major in engineering and technology.

10 facts about Oklahoma State

1. Its located in Stillwater, Oklahoma

2. The mascot is Pistol Pete

3. It was founded in 1890

4. The football stadium is called Boone Pickens Stadium

5. It was founded by the morrill act

6. Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College was its original name

7. They are called the Oklahoma State Cowboys

8. Athletics include 51 national championships

9. They are first in the big 12

10. The homecoming celebration began in 1913

Why school is a good fit

Oklahoma State is a good fit because its a good school for technology and engineering and going there offers good scholarships for technology.