Jordan Olson 3rd hour

What's it about

Physiologist is occupation were you study the life functions of plants and animals as a whole organism as well as at the molecular and cellular level . Perform specialized research into functions such as growth, reproduction, photosynthesis, respiration, or movement.


  • Study the life functions of plants and animals
  • Perform specialized research into functions such as growth, reproduction, photosynthesis, respiration, or movement
  • research on the physiology of a certain area or system of the body.
  • Animal physiologist you conduct research on diseases and parasites that afflict animals
  • Is a challenging job
  • Study's any kind of animal
  • Also instead of working with animals you can be a human physiologist
  • Study how plants and animals are designed
  • Get payed a decent amount of money
  • Need about 4 years of college

Pros and Cons

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High school classes

Here's some classes to succeed in this career

Helpful high school courses would include Anatomy and Physiology, Biotechnology, Calculus, Calculus, Advanced, Chemistry, and Statistics, etc. Also what would be a helpful class would be Heath and learning about the body.


To be a physiologist you will need a Professional/Doctoral degree. A few colleges offer a bachelor's degree program in physiology. Usually this takes four years of full-time study beyond high school.

Colleges you can attend

First college is...

  • California State University. The university is in Long Beach, California. Some pros and cons are has a art museum were you an visit and exploring exhilarating art, also there are many on and off jobs, and it's a very good school. Some cons are cost is high to get into the school , moderately difficult to get in, and the fees are $980.

Second college...

  • Northern Michigan University. This college is located in Marquette, Michigan. Some classes they provide there for this career is Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, etc. Pros for this school is Offers lots of classes, Lots of sports clubs , located just minutes from the shore of Lake Superior. Some cons are it costs $24,306, can get very cold and icy in the winter , rooms cost $9,28

Another college is...

  • Western Nevada college. Located in Carson city, Nevada. Pros about this school is its very warm there which is nice , lots of sports options , fun activities to do there. Cons about this college is fees are $435, cost is high , hard school to get into.

Associations/Professional organization

  • American Society for Microbiology
1752 N Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036-2904
(202) 737-3600

  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 101 S. Webster Street. Madison, Wisconsin, phone number - 1-888-936-7463


Are you interested in plants, animals, and how life works. Then I have a job for you! If you want to be a physiologist then listen about what some of our information is about the job. You will be learning the functions of the life of plants and animals. And research about the topic. Our location is Wisconsins medical school downtown. And our hours are 7am till 6:45pm. Amount paid every hour is $20.14. The degrees you should have are Professional/Doctoral Degree. Come be a physiologist today!


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