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Mid-Term Exam Part 1: Hiragana Reading, Vocabulary, and...

Mid-Term Exam Part 2: Hiragana Writing Test

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Module Two Lesson Five Content ごかぞく(gokazoku)

In lesson 5, we are still learning about the family member in Japan. As you know,
in conversation, we often talk about our own family and introduce other family members. We also ask and talk about other people's families and the way to address people who are introduced to us. In this lesson, you will learn how to address someone else's family members, such as a friend's family. You will learn how to ask questions about someone's family and how to exchange information on family topics, and engage in a variety of activities to help you practice these important skills.

Have you caught any missing assignment?

Hello students, parents and eLA,

We have just finished lesson 4 this week and are heading for lesson 5. Time seems to fly fast. I just want to let you know that students can see their grades on the Gradebook and they can know which assignment they are missing and need to turn in before October 25th, and afterwards the module is going to be closed for half a quarater of this course. Please, both parent and teachers, tell your children and students to take a look at their grade that I have marked and check to see if any of them have a 0 on their grade, because I will accept up until October 25th to give you credit. However, after the 25th, I won't accept any missing work, so if you want to boost your score, you still have a chance to upgrade your score and to get some more credit but you need to get it in asap.

Have you missed your coaching session last week?

One of big portion of your assignment is attending the coaching session. Students are required to attend two times a week and they also they need a headset with microphone to speak with their Japanese language coach, and to hear what the coach says. If they don't have a headset and microphone, they won't be able to participate fully. If students attend at school please provide them a headset and microphone so they can participate in their session. There are a few options, so if they miss their session then they can make up for it. They can choose another way for making up by attending another coaches' time in the week. Below is the direction to see how to make up a coaching session.
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Here is my contact number and office hours.

My Weekly Office Hours/ Tutoring:

Monday& Tuesday: 5Am to 9 pm.

Wednesday & Thursday- 3:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Friday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Need another time? Let me know and we can arrange a different time, and If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I am here to help you.

  • You can message me and your classmates via Inbox on your left side of Global Navigation tabs.
  • 919-440-7216 (please check my office hours but I will answer you back as soon as possible.