The power of 6

By Pittacus lore


After what happened in Paradise,Henry's death made John go back to running. This time with Sam, Six, and Benny Koshar. After leaving paradise John, Sam, Six, and B.K. gets stopped by a cop. The cop thinks they stole their parents car to buy drugs. The cop soon realizes they are were the kids on the run. This lead to a high speed chase. The book then changes to Marina - who is the 7th person to leave. Katarina refuses to train Marina to prepare for the take back of Lovien. Johns side. John and his peeps find an abandon house and stay and train for a few months before they are attacked. Marina's side. A girl named Ella shows up at the church. Ella is #10. Ella already started looking for marina's chest. Johns side. John and his peeps are back on the run again because of the Mog attack. They are headed to Sam's house. Where his dad built an underground bunker chock full of secrets. John and Sam are caught by the cops. They are able to escape jail during a mog attack. Six helps Marina when Sam and John go to find there chests. Six shows up in Spain and see's Marina, Ella, and Claymore arguing at the lake. John and Sam retrieve there chests and someone extra. It was #9. Sam is lost in the Mog base but is not killed. John, Nine, and B.K. catch up to Six, Marina, Ella, and Claymore.

Why I chose this book

I chose this book because the title was interesting and i thought the cover was pretty cool looking