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Watching Hindi Movies Online: Ram AurShyam

If you are a fan of Indian cinema, especially Hindi movies, you must not miss watching Ram AurShyam, a 1967 release that had the tragedy king Dilip Kumar as the male lead. One of the main reasons because of which we are encouraging cinema lovers to watch this movie is: in this film the legendary actor came out of his comfort zone and appeared in a number of scenes that allows us to comprehend that he also has the ability of making audiences laugh.

If you check the statistics you find that Ram AurShyam is still one of the most watched Hindi movies online. The majority of the sites you visit to watch latest Bollywood movies often also have a good collection for people looking to watch old Hindi movies online; and Ram AurShyamis a part of the collection of all top websites allowing people to watch free Hindi movies online. How can a website trying to reach the heart of people who love watching free Hindi movies leave out a film in whichall-time greats like Nirupa Roy, Pran, WaheedaRehman and Mumtaz worked?

We watch many new hindi movies online where the main plot includes two characters with similar appearances; they might be biological twins or just doppelgangers. Ram AurShyam is one of the first movies of this kind to hit the Silver Screen in India. Dilip Kumar played the role of both Ram and Shyam, who in spite of having similar facial features were exactly the opposite as far as their character and behavior was concerned. While Ram was nervous, weak, low-in confidence and shy, Shyam was an absolute extrovert who could speak smartly and had the power to beat the villain. The story was about how they met each other and won over the girls they loved. WaheedaRehman and Mumtaz respectively played the role of Anjana and Shanta, the love interests of Ram and Shyam. If you have watched main stream Indian movies online, you must be aware of the fact that the majority of them have a happy ending; Ram AurShyam is no different. The movie ends only after Gajendra, the main villain (Pran played the role of Gajendra) understands and admits his mistakes and all the positive characters of the film get a happy life.

If you love watching Bollywood movies free online, you should try and watch more such old films whenever you get some time. Other than giving people the opportunity of watching old and latest Hindi movies online, these movie websites also allow movie buffs to watch latest Punjabi movies online and Hollywood movies in Hindi.