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What is "Netiquette"?

Netiquette is....

We all know how to act when we are out with our parents, friends, formal functions, school, and work but how do we act when the other people we are talking to cannot see us? That is called netiquette. Netiquette is etiquette on the internet. One rule of thumb is that if you right in all caps, that is considered yelling at the other person. When you are emailing to a friend it is ok to you the same emoticons and acronyms (LOL, TTYL, BFF) but if you are emailing a co-worker, teacher, or parent they are not excepted. Here is a great site that has more information on netiquette.

Net Smartz Kids

Bad Netiquette Stinks - Netsmartz.org - Christ MMA

Bad Netiquette Stinks...

is a video form a great site for kids, adults, and teachers. There are a lot of great resources from eBooks, to discussion guides for the books, and games more videos on all sorts of topics. Some of the topics is how to act about Instant messaging, protecting your password and much more. If you are having trouble finding information or want to learn more Net Smartz Kids is the way to go.