By: Nick Baird

"That when she was gone, the memories came back to the people" (Lowry 180).

If memories came back to the people, as demonstrated in The Giver, It would be a disaster for people to remember and feel things they have not felt before. As shown in The Giver and The Maze Runner, a utopian society cannot exist when people remember memories.
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Having memories in a utopian society, could effect how people do stuff, follow rules, and sameness.

In the book The Giver when Rosemary dies, some people in the society has those memories and feelings for instance,"For a while they overwhelmed the community. All those feelings, they'd never experience that before" (Lowry 180). People in the society will feel different and know how things look and feel. Knowing this could change how people do things or react. When people have different memories and feelings, the society would not be sameness.
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Like in the book The Maze Runner, Thomas could kind of remember seeing a girl, but not remembering where from. For example, "I wanna remember you. Remember us ya know, before" (Dashner 372). If Thomas and Teresa remember each other, then it might give them memories about each other before coming to this place, giving them info for maybe what happen or what to do.
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A utopian society cannot exist when people remember memories. This is how a utopian society falls apart. If this happens in The Maze runner or The Giver, then it's more likely that the utopian societys in the book would not exist.