For Less Indian People

Fun Facts

1. Did you know that India was originally from a Persian.

2. The national symbol for India is a Bengal Tiger.

3. India became an independent state in 1947.

4. India is the largest democracy in the world.

5. India is the original makers of "chess." Sanskrit Chaturanga is the original word.

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Kerala Backwaters Postcard Service

Hi, I recently visited Kerala Backwaters. This place is visited many tourists, and is know for its houseboats and lagoons which attracts tourists like a magnet. Kerala Backwater have a total of 38 rivers, and 5 big lakes. Some rivers even flow into the Arabian Sea. There are many marine life here too. Since the water isn't salty crabs, frog, mudskippers, and waterbirds have no problem living here. Also, the plants here such as palm trees and pandanus shrubs make the scene even more green, and natural.

India's Time Line

Ganges River & Hinus