The Invention Of Wings

Sue Monk Kidd

About the Author

Sue Monk Kidd wrote The Invention Of Wings, The Mermaid Chair, and The Secret Life of Bees. Her books focus on slavery, and the evils of slavery, and this can be seen in The Invention of Wings.

The Invention Of Wings


Important Pictures



1. "To remain silent in the face of evil, is evil in itself"

This is important because this shows how Sarah stood up to slavery, and it is also true because if you do not speak up you continue to let it happen, and so therefor you are apart of it.

2. "My body might be a slave, but not in my mind."

Handful said this because she was a slave, but she was not going to admit that she was. She was on the outside, but she was free in her thoughts, and they could not control her mind.

3. "If you don't know where you are going, know where you came from."

This was important for the slaves, they knew that their history was important to them. Their history was what set them apart from the white people.

Conflict & Resolution

Sarah Grimke was different from her family, she strongly disliked the idea of slavery. She was against it and tried to free her slave, but her mother refused. She decides to teach her slave to read, as a way of freeing her.