Things begin to Change in March

Subtle changes begin this month, watch for them.

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It will be a great time!

Thanks to the commitment by our Intermediate Student Senate, and the guidance of Mrs. Niemczyk and Ms. Kohnert, this carnival will take off today at 5:00 PM. We have had announcements all week by our fourth graders and they did a terrific job. Hope to see you there for the fun! All proceeds will go to the Primary School gym renovation project. Thank YOU!

The workshops and the Expo-powerful combination

Fourth grade has taken an aggressive and very diverse tack with the study of Wisconsin. As part of their work, the teachers have designed a method for children to incorporate the Readers' and Writers' Workshop strategies and skills within this unit. Mrs. Shannon is involved as well as a coach for the students. This is a very efficacious means of learning. The conclusion of the study is provided with a display of their work on April 1st.

Trinity Irish Dancers help us celebrate!

On alternate years, we have had the good fortune to have this terrific dance troupe visit us and perform for all of our children and staff. We are very grateful for them to share their talents and learn about some Irish history as well. Two of our students were part of the performance and we are very proud of Brenna and Lauren.

Bingo Fun!

There was plenty of suspense and fun last Friday in the Primary gym. Each letter and number had a reaction from the crowd of almost 125 parents and children! Some ooohhhs, uuuuuuuu's, ahhhhh's and ooohhhhnnnooo's were heard amidst "I only need one more!" Thanks to all of the volunteers and PTO members who joined in the thrills of BINGO!

Roller Skating in Phy Ed

It is that time of year when we skate during physical education classes. Mrs. Monson and Ms. Luberda each have a schedule for their classes (4/13-4/24 Monson; 4/27-5/8 Luberda). Please send in helmets with the children to use in class. Volunteers can contact either of these teachers with interest to join the classes. Always a terrific time!

Mike Budisch, Head Learner

Thanks for reading this SMORE and I hope you get some insights into our school days. See here are some books that will be moved into some library space as we continue to build the collection for our children. Our Reading Committee has created a vision for a more central location for teachers to obtain books for the students as they move through their levels. More pictures to come.