Tay - Sachs

delaney secor


genetic disorder that is present when a enzyme needed for for breaking down fatty tissue in the brain is not present. (in the nervous system) the fatty will build up int the brain causing death. Children are often born with it however it may develop as long 7 to 35 years of age.


Carried through the family line. When a mom and dad are both carriers the risk of having a child with Tay - Sachs is high because the chromosome usually picks up the defective. It is located on chromosome 15. The only way a child can get it is if the have two recessive letters.


Many prior to doing testing will go blind and deaf before so the researches showed this through the early onset patients and the late onset patients. They have it is incurable because they do not know what enzyme is needed to break down the fatty in the brain. Something many doctors and specialists have found a pain medication to ease pain and recommend physical therapy to keep the patients joints moving so their central nervous system does not break down too fast.


The effected will become blind , deaf and most certainly limp in the body. The blindness and deafness is not always guaranteed however the limp in the body is. Patients may have a rolling of the eyes into a gaze and a cleft pallet but other than that the patient may appear totally normal from the outside due to the fact that it is an internal disorder. The neck will most certainly weaken and the person will absolutely not be able to hold their heads up alone within a year of being diagnosed

Testing and Treatments

To determine if they have this disease a blood test could be done to determine the amount of HEXA in ones blood. If they have an absent in hex - a type in their blood they will have Tay - Sachs. After the treatment the only is comfort for the patient and medication to decrease the severity of the symptoms.
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