What is racism? Who does it effect? How to stop this?

What is racism?

Racism can be defined in many different ways. Racism is (usually) the hatred of one person by another because of their skin color, their religion, the way they talk, any way that the person could possibly present themselves or what it's in their nature to do people could hate them for it and that's considered being racist.

Who does it effect? How do we stop this?

Racism can effect anyone. Anyone being hated because of how they look or who they are. It can effect people's family members of who are being hated. In my opinion I think the biggest racism hatred is between african americans and white people, it always has been since slavery and always will be. There is no medicine, or any type of thing like that to cure someone being racist. The only way to help end racism is to educate one another on the topic and to help change minds, to persuade them that just because someone looks, acts, or talks different than "you" does not make them any less of a human.