Glass Library Staff Newsletter

December 2015

Collaborative Efforts

Collaborative efforts in November were centered around the National History Day theme and topic selection; and the expansion of using Noodletools with students for research. Here are some of the lessons that were created and taught:

  • How to use Noodletools for research, an introductory lesson, to Mr. Reid's AP Capstone class and Mr. Marshall's 12th grade advanced English class
  • How to use library resources to locate and explore primary and secondary resources to finalize a topic for National History Day to Mrs. Burns's, Mr. Johnson's, Mrs. Rawls-Fanning's, and Ms. Masencup's classes
  • How to create Noodletools accounts, and how to create notecards and paraphrase information to Mr. Bowling's College Comp classes

Other collaborative efforts for the month of November included:

  • Selecting and displaying non-fiction books for Mrs. McCormick's and Mrs. Wolk's 9th grade advanced English classes for their second independent reading assignment (non-fiction)
  • Selecting and displaying non-fiction and fiction books for Mr. Dupere's, Mrs. Gonzalez's, and Dr. Gardner's 10th grade English classes
  • Locating and pulling books about the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights issues for Mrs. Gonzalez's, Dr. Gardner's, and Mr. Dupere's advanced 10th grade English classes
  • Selecting and purchasing additional resources for the Lee-Jackson essay
  • Ordering books requested by students
  • Manning a table at Touching Bases to collect library and textbook materials
  • Scheduleding time for Mr. Bowling's College Comp students to "Drop Everything and Read" in the library
  • Attendeding an English department meeting to showcase the features of Noodletools

Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Extended Hours

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Mrs. Wise will be keeping the library open until 5:00 on Wednesdays for students who need to use the library's resources or need a place to use Wi-Fi. We wanted to make sure teachers knew that this opportunity was available to all students.

Literacy Promotion

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In an effort to create a culture of reading and literacy at Glass, we rolled out our iRead posters to interested staff members prior to Thanksgiving so that staff members could record what they are reading. The goal for this initiative is for our students to see that reading is important, that adults within our building are reading, and to hopefully start conversations about books and materials being read.

If you didn't get a chance to request a poster but would like one, please email Sarah Mabery. If you have a quote you would like printed on your poster, please include that in the email.

Technology Spotlight

JSTOR Database

The library paid for a subscription to JSTOR this year. Our subscription provides access to peer-reviewed, full-text scholarly research for all of our patrons. "It also helps teachers enrich their classrooms with key scholarly literature across more than 50 disciplines." If you need assistance finding resources through JSTOR or want to see what it is all about, come by the library so we can help you.

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Virginia College Application Week

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Mrs. Vande Hoef reserved the library again this year for Virginia College Application week during the week of November 16. It is always an amazing experience to see our seniors applying and even getting accepted during onsite admission days. Mrs. Vande Hoef, the counseling department, and college volunteers did another great job of helping our students navigate the college application process.

Library Usage for November

For November, we logged 2743 instances of patrons using library services. We tried to accommodate as many patrons as possible by going to classrooms to teach classes while the library was being used for Virginia College Application Week.

Please continue to login and ask students to login so that our data is as accurate as possible. Thank you!

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Circulation Statistics

The library circulated 864 items during the month of November. Our fiction and non-fiction books were in high demand as English teachers assigned independent reading assignments to their students. We would like to thank them for supporting the library!


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