The Pizza Scissors

Bailey Patterson and Jasmin Berry

About Our Product

Our product is scissors that have a pizza platform on the side so you just cut your pizza like you would paper! This kitchen appliance will help you to be safe and cut free! We think this product will be helpful because I'm sure we all know the struggle of trying to cut a perfect slice of pizza, that's why the pizza scissors might be the next big thing.

Pizza Scissors Price

Our Price: $10.00

Amazon: $13.99

JCPenney: $19.99

EBay: $18.07

Scissors Price


Kitchen Scissors: $7.00

Adult scissors: $2.00

Kids Scissors: $2.00

Home Depot

Shop Shears: $12.00

Why We Are Making This Product

We are making this product to make it easier to cut pizza because many Americans might have gotten cut by the pizza cutters. That is why we are inventing the pizza scissors, because it is safe and efficient!

Average Americans Spend

The average Americans spent at least $639.00 on household items in 2009.

The average Americans spend at least $3,834.00 on household items now in 2015.

The average Americans will spend at least $7,668.00 on household items 6 years from now in 2021.