Operations with Fractions

By: Tyler

Adding Fractions/ Subtracting Fractions

Step 1: Make sure the bottom numbers (denominators) are the same by finding the least common denominators

Step 2: Add the top numbers (numerators) put the answer over the denominator

Step 3: Simplify if needed

Subtracting Fractions

  1. Same step as adding fractions
  2. Subtract the top two numbers (numerators) put the answer over the same denominator
  3. Simplify if needed

Example: 4/8 + 7/8=?

We'll the denominators are the same so the denominator is 8. The numerator is 11 because 4+7= 11. So the answer is 11/8. But we can't forget to simplify! 8 goes in to 11 once. The simplified improper fraction is 1 & 3/11.

Multiplying Fractions

  1. Multiply the two numerators (top numbers)
  2. Multiply the two denominators (bottom numbers)
  3. Simplify if needed
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Dividing Fractions

  1. Keep the first fraction the same
  2. Change the division sign to a multipulcation sign
  3. Flip the second fraction
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