All About Me

Zeke Davison


  • Sports
  • Music
  • Reading


  1. wrestling
  2. biking
  3. sports

Ways that I'm Smart

There are three ways that I'm smart
  1. People smart
  2. Word smart
  3. And picture smart

My Learning Styles

My math Learning Style is 50% and 50% one is learn by talking it through and learn by seeing problems.
My General Learning Style is 38% learning by reading, 38% learning by hearing, 24% learning by doing.

My Social Learning Style is 57% learning by myself 43% learning with others.

My family

Here is a picture of my family

My Personal Globe

  • My Holland Code
c=Conventional interest involve working within a set procedures and rule.

I=investigative interest involve finding out answers to question, scientific inquiry and use of logical analysis.

a=artistic interest involve creative and self-expression.

  • three career clusters it pick for me
Mathematics, finance, information technology

  • The job that I researched, including education needed and salary
Mathematical Technicians, Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and 49,850- 89,510