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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

The Spirit was definitely among us yesterday! The message that Dr.Tatum preached - "You Have Not Passed This Way Before" - was very encouraging for the new year ahead. Be strong and courageous in your attention to the commands of God. We are often tempted, not to deny God entirely, but to compromise the Word in order to fit in or be accepted or not offend someone. But God's Word will stand forever. Take courage as you follow!


You may have been wondering...

Is fasting commanded by God?

- In the Old Testament, the Israelites were commanded to fast a few times a year. There are also examples of people fasting outside of those nationwide commands (Daniel, Esther, David, etc.)

- In the New Testament, we never read that Jesus commanded His disciples to fast. He did, however, give them instructions for "when you fast" in Matthew 6. So He must have had the belief that His followers would fast.

What will happen, physically, when I fast?

- Your body will not like it. I don't want to give false hope that your fasting will be easy. Your body is accustomed to certain foods, or to eating at certain times. You may get some rumbling, a headache, or grumpiness as you avoid certain foods or food altogether. I can speak from experience that when I have fasted sugar in the past, days 2-4 were unpleasant. To me, that was a sign that my body was much too dependent upon that substance. Drink plenty of water!!!

- If you are fasting something mental (TV, social media, spending, etc.) you may also become grumpy or anxious. You will notice how often you reach for your phone or the remote to distract your mind. That indicates a dependence upon those things to numb or relax us. Reach for the Word instead. Explore the YouVersion Bible app for lots of great resources. Turn on some worship music or a Christian podcast.

What will happen, spiritually, when I fast?

- When we fast with sincere hearts and motives, God takes notice. When Esther fasted, she found favor with the king. When Daniel fasted, he received a vision from God. When Moses fasted, he was given the Ten Commandments. When Jesus fasted, He was prepared for public ministry.

- Be specific with God about the intention of your fast - deliverance, salvation for loved ones, healing, direction, the list goes on. James 4:8 tells us that when we draw near to God, He will draw near to us. I encourage you to write down anything you hear from Him in prayer during this time. Meditate on His words.

Let This Be Your Prayer

This song was #1 on the "K-love most influential songs of 2022". The song is good, easy to follow, but the story is better. Jon Reddick had a strained relationship with his father for much of his life. He says that they never had more than 2-3 minute conversations. But a year or so ago, they were on the phone and a breakthrough occurred. They talked for hours, sharing stories and getting to really know one another. After that call, Jon wrote this song as a statement of faith.

Today, as you listen, sing this as a statement of faith. You may be up against the impossible, but God can turn it around.

Jon Reddick - God, Turn It Around (Feat. Matt Maher) [Official Music Video]