MIS Monday Message

January 19 - 22

What are you fighting for?

Watch the video above to see Sophia's letter to her 5th grade teacher. This student has found her voice and has learned to stand up and fight for what she needs as a learner. What if all students were like that?

Think about the students we come in contact with each day. Each of them has something they need to fight for as well. Maybe they need help because they have a hard time staying focused. Or maybe they need something extra because they don't understand the math lessons as quickly as the other students.

Or maybe...just maybe...they are the student who gets what is being taught in class the first time.

Every time.

And they are begging to learn something new that they might have to actually work at to master.

Each of our students is different, and just like Sophie, have something they need help with. I challenge you this week to look closely at the students you work with and see if you can pinpoint what they are fighting for. Once you've done that, figure out how you can help them in the battle and do something to help. After all, this what is we should all be fighting for.

Let's make it a great week at MIS!

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Donuts for Dads

This Friday we will have Donuts for Dads in the MIS gym starting at 7:30. Even though it starts at 7:30, we will have dads start showing up much earlier. Please make plans to be here by 7:15 if possible because traffic and parking will be a mess!

We have moved this back to the gym this year and Blake will be giving out specific assignments for all staff members this week. We are also inviting extra guys to come and be a part like we have in the past so that students who don't have someone coming with them can have someone. We will have a lot of people here that day and it will be a great experience for all.

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Tired of Presentations?

As I've visited classrooms lately I've seen a lot of our students working on presentations. Some have been for Genius Hour while others were for regular class assignments. It's great that our students are using these so much, but there are so many other options! I want to encourage you to try something new the next time you think you want your students to do a presentation to demonstrate what they've learned. Check out this link for a huge list of neat ideas to have students do instead of the typical slide presentation.
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Baby Shower

Don't forget!

The 5th grade teachers are hosting a baby shower for Ashley Nelms and baby Charley Wednesday, January 20th in the MIS Library at 3:20. All are invited!


Monday, 1/18

  • MLK Holiday

Tuesday, 1/19

  • Elementary Principal's Meeting (Blake and Julie out, 8:30 - 11:30)
  • Fun in the Sun Planning Committee Meeting, 3:20, MIS Library
  • School Board meeting, 5:30 pm

Wednesday, 1/20

  • Arkansas Brass quartet for 5th grade students, 9AM (Tentative)
  • Leadership Team Meeting, 1:45 pm, EAST
  • Baby Shower for Ashley Nelms, 3:20, MIS Library

Friday, 1/22

  • Donuts for Dads, 7:30 am, MIS Gym


  • Feb. 3 - Grades cut off; Faculty meeting
  • Feb. 5 - Grades uploaded by noon; Leadership meeting @7:50
  • Feb. 6 - Daddy/Daughter Dance @ MIS
  • Feb. 9 - Progress reports go home
  • Feb. 12 - Valentine parties, 2pm
  • Feb. 15 - No school