Amazing Delaware

America's first state

Come to Delaware!

See historic places and best of all, have fun! Fun for all, adults and children! There are water parks, zoos, museums and even more. You'll get hooked on Delaware.
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Visit Delaware

Hop out of the car and visit one of Delaware's amazing destinations. Tour the enormous and historic Fort Delaware. Zoom by Go Ape Adventures with 2,200 feet of zip lines. See America's first state , first hand and experience Delaware's historic sites.

Things to Do

Delaware has it all . Whether it's skiing on the bays, hiking in the dunes, spectating the annual steeple chase horse racing, soaring through the wonderful trees of Redden Forest or fishing the great Atlantic.

Tour the special water of the Delaware River on a raft, kayak or tube.You'll will be surprised by the choppy white waters. Hang tight!

Be a monkey for a day at Go Ape adventurers. You'll find 2,200 feet zip lines that will allow you to fly through the beautiful treed canopy of Lum Pond state park. It's a great way to escape the classroom.

You'll get hooked on Delaware!

Delaware facts

1. Major industries: Aircraft, Environment protection companies, Heath care and more.

2. Flag: The Delaware flag has a blue back round with a yellow diamond and a ship, corn, wheat, ox, farmer and a solider.

3. Tree: Peach Tree

4. Flower: Peach blossom

5. Rock: No rock but the state mineral is sillimanite

6. Fish: Weakfish

7. Motto: Liberty and Independence

8. Song: Our Delaware

9. Approximate population: 940,000

10. Size ranking: 49 second smallest state

Delaware History

1st state of the Union Delaware offers more history then any other state. Come learn about England's hostile take over of the Native American Indians and The Dutch. Learn how Delaware defied the Union by allowing slavery and walk through the hollowed grounds of the major Civil War battle fields. You'll be blow away by our history.