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Learning Journals

Thank you to everyone who signed up to view your child's SeeSaw account. It is exciting to watch the kids creativity. If you have any questions about this or have anything you would like to see added to their SeeSaw learning journal please feel free to send us an email! We want this to be a useful tool for you that will provide a brief highlight of some of the work that they do.

The students recently learned how to comment on their peer's work, we will be discussing this more as we become more familiar with the program.

If you haven't had a chance to download the program please click on the link to subscribe to your child's journal by clicking the link below.


Upcoming Events

2/14- Skating Event in St. Germain

2/16- VOTE! Please head out to your local polling place!

2/17- The students will participate in a traditional Japanese tea service presentation

2/18-Family hike @ 1:15- Notice the time change, we have an Asian themed snack and book to share following the hike.

2/19- Family Friendship Night @ St. Germain Elementary. Bring your dancing shoes and join us for a fun night of dancing!

Snack Next Week

We have added a toaster in our kitchen, you can add any toasted items to your snack list as well! The kids have really enjoyed preparing their snack when the toaster is involved.


Chuckel Family




St. Germain Garden

Please watch for a survey in your email. Your input and feedback is greatly appreciated as we move forward with plans for a NPMLC garden.

Photo Highlights of Our Week!

Running Club

Third Grade Parents:

We have received numerous applications for running club which is very exciting! The club in St. Germain wanted to extend the invitation to our NPMLC students from Eagle River. They are welcome to participate in either club, if Eagle River works better for your family that is fine, but know they are welcome in either! If you have any questions please feel free to let us know!

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