Digital Footprint

Stephanie Monroy


  • Post things to gain Awareness
  • Help others to get known
  • Post pictures
  • Use #leydenspirit


  • I share photos of Basketball games
  • I show spirit of my school
  • It show that i share my experience with others

Digital Footprint: Consists of the reputation of a person online. People can know you online and can help you get a better job.

Impact : My Digital Footprint helps me show people what i do on my free time and it show them who i am as a person.


  1. I used blogger to share my experiences in the project i created.
  2. Blogger shows Stephanie's thoughts are creatives and the brainstorms she goes through the learning.


  1. Have the chance to encourage myself to share more thinks online
  2. Use another good tool to share positive vibe online

Learn: This semester i learned how to have a positive Digital Footprint and to think first before posting something because anyone can see it.