Welcome to the Viper Nest

We are so excited to have you!

Our Communication Methods

  1. Vipers Mobile App - See below. You can get even more information HERE
  2. Weekly Updates through Smore
  3. Band Mobile App - See details below
  4. Emails from our gym management system (from: vipers@thevictoryvipers.com)
  5. Facebook Secret Group - send a request to join this group.

Victory Vipers Mobile App - How to download our FREE App

  1. Use the links below or search "Victory Vipers" in your app store and download.
  2. Allow notifications (this is how you'll get important news updates from us.
  3. Open the App and Enjoy!

How we use our FREE Mobile App

The All-Star Section
​On the HOME screen, click the "Programs/Register" button, then click “All Stars.” Under this section, you'll find all of our All-Star forms, a NEW easy-to-fill-out Absence Request Form, our Weekly Update, Competition Schedule and Important Gym Dates.

Calendar Section
​On the HOME screen, click the "Calendar" button. This will take you to the current gym calendar. The initial view starts with the first day of the current month. However, you can click the upper right corner to change the view or select a specific date to view.

My Account Section
Along the bottom of your screen, you'll find the "My Account" section. Here you can log into your gym account to register your child for open gyms, make payments, view or update your credit card information, etc.

Groups Section
Along the bottom of your screen, you'll find the "Groups" section. Here we have set up a main "Vipers Season 8" group that all All Stars should join. The group is password protected.

Vipers Season 8 Group - password is: SeasonGr8 (case sensitive)

** The group is VERY important as we will use this as a method of communicating information to our program. It's best if you have notifications turned on for the app so that you'll be alerted each time we send a message. **

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Steps to join Band App

  1. Download the Band Mobile App for free
  2. Create your profile
  3. On the main screen, click on "MORE" in the bottom right-hand corner
  4. Click "Check Invite"
  5. Select "I got a link" or "I got a QR code"
  6. Follow the instructions (see below)
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