Mighty Diaper

Meeting Mr. Space Diaper

No one has ever heard of me because i'm basically under the suit. Hi i'm the most absoption diaper you'll ever know, and my name is Disposable Absorption Containment.
I hate it when they eat burritos in in space because then they use ME!!!

First i'm so joyful that I was the first ever diaper ejected into space and that made me the happiest diaper ever! Second if they weren't wearing me they would have to take off the orange suit which is very hard, ( and they could never launch the shuttle into space.) Third when the astronuts are on the space walks, there out there marching for 6 to 8 hours looking for different space things, and thats when i come in handy, very handy. Fourth I hate it when right before anything they eat a beat Em burrito, they should call it the beat the diaper burrito I just dis like it when they eat those.

From NASA, your space agency.