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Lesson Plan: Part 4 - Evaluate


CLOSURE - what the instructor does to facilitate wrap-up at the end of the lesson - it is a quick review, to remind students what it was that they have learned (or should have learned) and allows you to see where the students are to assist you in planning for the next lesson.

The By: The Sucesss Criteria - What do I know?

When using the 4 part objective; the by should be toward the end of your lesson. This is the piece that we use to determine whether or not the students are successful. It's not the exit ticket itself or the 3,2,1 strategy but rather what that piece is assessing by referring back to the content or concept being taught.

For Example: by writing a 20 word summary on the topic ___.

Click Here for Quick Summarizing Strategies to Use in the Classroom and Check our more resources below

Remember, the closure of a lesson should be meaningful. - Making a Last Impression

The purpose of closure is to review the key points of the lesson, give students the opportunity to draw conclusions and show what they know.

Do you want your students to attach personal meaning and relevance to what they glean from your daily lessons? An effective "Closure" activity at the end of each class period can help with that objective, creating what psychologists call the Recency Effect, otherwise known as a last impression.

The largest impact you can do to show students this is a meaningful piece of instruction is by using what they share in your next lesson.

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