National Grouch Day

October 15

What is National Grouch Day?

Celebrate National Grouch Day! For all of you who love the grouchy little green monster from Sesame Street, this is the day for you to celebrate him! Oscar the Grouch has had a BIG influence on kids, and some adults too, through Sesame Street. This much loved Grouch is a very special and crabby guy earned his own national holiday just for being a one of a kind Grouch. National Grouch day was created to celebrate our friend, Oscar, and to have fun being a grouch!

How Do You Celebrate National Grouch day?

Some of you Grouch lovers may be excited to celebrate National Grouch Day and here are some special ways to honor our beloved little Grouch:

  • Yell “SCRAM” at anyone who asks you a question.

  • Complain about sunshine.

  • Scowl at kittens.

  • Tease you friends and family members.

Have Fun Celebrating!

Have lots of fun celebrating National Grouch Day, remember, this holiday was created to have fun by being a Grouch! Now, go spread the word about National Grouch Day, have fun, and being grouchy!