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  • stateless nation: a nation of people with out a proper state of there own
  • population density: the number of people living per unit or the area
  • plate tectonics: the theory that the lithosphere is divided into a number of crustal plates
  • outsourcing: to buy goods from an outside source
  • subsistence farming: only providing for basic needs for a number of people
  • commercial farming: the products of crops and farm animals for sale
  • cultural assimilation: members of an ethnic minority group loose cultural characteristics
  • cultural hearth: where culture is breed from
  • cultural diffusion: spreading ones language
  • urbanization: taking the characteristics of a city
  • globalization: pollution, disease, loss of local tradition.

basic political principles

  • the realign rules
  • all power is in people
  • does not tolerate other parties ideals
  • mix
  • comand
  • free market
  • socialism
  • low birth, low death,