LVMS Weekly Newsletter

Week of May 15th, 2017

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Upcoming Events

Wednesday May 17th

Volunteer Breakfast

Thursday May 18th

Middle School District Golf - Marble Falls

Friday May 19th

Passion Pursuit Project - 8th Grade

Cafeteria/Board Room 8:30 - 10:00

May 22nd - May 25th

Semester Exams

Wednesday May 24th

8th Grade Field Trip to Six Flags

Thursday May 25th

Last Day of School

Early Release - 12:30pm

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Attendance this week...

Our goal is 98% attendance and our attendance was 97% this week. Let's keep attendance up for the rest of the school year.

Remember: Students must be in attendance at least 90% of the days the class is taught in order to receive credit or a final grade in a class. We appreciate our parents' efforts in helping us minimize student absences and prepare our students for their futures!

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Interim Principal Update: A Note From Mr Tucker

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Good afternoon Viking parents. I hope that this finds you all well. Here's a poem that celebrates our children and makes me think of mothers and all that they mean and have meant to us over the years past and the years to come. Happy Mother's Day to all of you.

Best wishes, ct

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LVMS Final Exam Schedule

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Classroom Distractions

Dear Parents:

The teachers are concerned about the class disruption associated with "spinners", cubes and putty/slime. Students are preparing for the STAAR, to be followed shortly by final exams. The kids need to be focused. Thanks for having your child keep all spinners, cubes and putty/slime at home.

I would also ask you to remind your children that cell phones should be placed in back packs once the school day begins. The cell phone should not be accessed during the day without teacher/adult permission.

Again, thanks for your support as we focus on learning this last 20 plus days.

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Link to order Pre-packed School Supplies for 2017-2018 School year

Here is the link to order Pre-packed School Supplies for the 2017-2018 School year.

Please don't forget to give our school code LAG018. Three letters (LAG) and three numbers (018).

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Boys' Golf Results from Salado - May 4th

The Vikings traveled to the Mill Creek CC to take on the Eagles Golf teams. The Vikings struggled with the strong winds and sand traps but won the dual match by 37 strokes. LV - 794 to Salado - 831. The top 14 LVMS Golfers were scored against the top 14 scores from Salado.

Jimmy Williams; 2nd - 45 (tied his best of the season)

Lance Shook; 3rd - 49 (his best score of the season)

Bryce Jackson; T4th - 51

Jeremiah Jackson; 5th - 53

Wyatt Forbes; 6th - 54

Tyler Brown; T7th - 55

Trace Sweet; T8th - 56

Rory Maxwell; 9th - 59

Lucas Lawless; T11th - 61

Ryan Davis; T11th - 61

Landon Porter; T11th - 61

Anson Eleuterius; T12th - 62

Hunter Phillips; T13th - 63

Cash Jennings; T14th - 64 (scorecard playoff)

Other Vikings:

Luke Talley; T14th - 64

Jacob Moreno; 15th - 65

Ryder Phillips; T16th - 66

Noah Hernandez; 17th - 67

The Vikings will host their LVMS Golf Invitational on May 11th at the Lago Vista Golf Course.

Girls' Results from Salado - May 4th

Last week, Lago Vista MS competed in a golf dual vs. Salado MS. This was in a much different format than usual tournaments, with 8 strokes being the max on every hole. Almost every Lady Viking played their round with at least 1 hole being less than an 8!

For team rankings, we took the top 9 golfers from each school and added up their scores. It was a close one!

Top 9 Team Score
Salado- 530
Lago Vista- 538

Individual places are below. There were a total of 23 golfers:

T-4th- Kylie Cagle 56
T-5th- Sarah Long 57
T-5th- Makenna Walker 57
6th- Esther Long 59
7th- Dakota Hutchins 60
T-9th- Bella Zaleski 62
T-9th- Emily Moxley 62
T-9th- Schuyler Burke 62
T-10th- Gina Chiappone 63

12th- Lorelee Felix 67
13th- Rileigh Oliver 69
14th- Kylie Raggio 70
15th- Cailey Nuckolls 71
16th- Kate Burke 72
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8th Grade - In Pursuit of Passion - Career and College Fair

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LVMS Special Olympics -Area Track meet Results

Exciting times for Lago Vista Middle School Special Olympics Team! We traveled to Leander last Friday and Saturday for the area track meet where we took home 7 medals! Andrew threw the softball and competed in the 25m wheelchair race. Landin threw the javelin and ran in the 50m dash. Rafael threw the shot put and ran in the 50m dash. Johnny also threw the shot put and ran in the 100m dash. Both Johnny and Rafael also competed in the 4x100 relay. It was a long hot day but all of our athletes did great! It was an awesome track and field season and we can't wait for next year
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LVMS District Tennis Results

We did very well at our District Tennis Match this past Saturday. There were 7 different middle school competing this year at districts and we placed:

Co-Champions for in 8th Grade Girls

2nd in 8th Grade Boys

3rd in 7th Grade Girls

3rd in 7th Grade Boys

For the individual players:

7th Grade Girls:

Delaney Reighley and Klarissa Polikitus advanced to the 2nd round in doubles and lost, but played great. These ladies have really improved and are fierce at the net. Both of them did not want to play net at the beginning of the season and now they play it like they own it.

1st Place 7th Grade Girls Singles - Sara Long

Many coaches on the side lines from the other teams where talking about how Sara is a machine on the tennis court. She is a tough competitor and next year she will be ready to defend her title.

3rd Place 7th Grade Girls Doubles - Beth Syers and Avery Rague

These two ladies did outstanding and they play so well together. Many parents and coaches were talking about how fierce these two are at the net. Other players were scared to face them on the court.

7th Grade Boys:

Lance Shook advanced and lost in the 2nd round in singles and lost, but really had a tough match and played well.

Ryder Phillips and Thomas Nowlin lost in the 2nd round, in doubles but really gave their opponents tough fight. They both are wonderful players and really work well together. I look forward to working with them next year.

Caleb Lane and Evan Coley lost in the 1st round in doubles and really showed their opponents their net skills.

1st Place 7th Grade Boys Doubles - Diego D'Lorm and Hayden Pham

These young men are excellent players and work so well together. They are a force and are very hard to stop. Many people were commenting on their skills in doubles.

8th Grade Girls:

1st Place 8th Grade Girls Singles - Esther Long

This young lady is a force and will do well next year in high school. She is an excellent player and works the court to her advantage. She is going to be very tough to beat in high school next year.

Katelyn Coldicott lost in the 2nd round in doubles and really showed her skills at court coverage and volleys. She is going to be a player to watch next year in high school.

Adeline Womack and Katie Richardson lost in the 2nd round in doubles and showed their abilities. Both of these ladies have really improved this season and are not afraid of the net. They have great reaction time when faced at the net.

1st Place 8th Grade Girls Doubles - Leah Coldicott and Grace Coldicott

These sisters are fierce and not afraid when challenged. They had a very tough championship match and held strong. They are going to be very tough to beat next year.

3rd Place 8th Grade Girls Doubles - Schuyler Burke and Emily Pieklik

Both ladies were with different doubles partners throughout the season, but were placed together for the 1st time in district. They played so well together I should have placed them together from the beginning. They played so well and really looked as if they played together all season.

8th Grade Boys:

Jeremiah Davis lost in the 1st round in singles but he really improved so much this season. He showed his strength at the net and really gave his opponent a challenge.

Matthew Crenshaw lost in the 2nd round in singles. This is his 1st time playing tennis and did not even know how to play. Very proud at what he has done and how far he has come this season.

Trevor Alwell and Garett Phariss lost in the 1st round in doubles. It was their 1st time to play in a tournament together and they really played well. So proud to see both of them stay strong at the new and make their opponents work for every point. They put up a tough fight.

Rhett Kahlden and Ryan Davis lost in the 2nd round in doubles. They both worked very hard and had a very challenging match. Ryan has a good serve and Rhett is awesome at the net. These two are a great doubles team.

Jacob Rogers and David Rague advanced to the 2nd round in doubles and lost. Both of these players are strong at serving and volleying. They are a tough strong doubles team and they will be a force in high school.

1st Place 8th Grade Boys Doubles - John Berentsen and Lucas Lawless

These young men are excellent players and are an awesome team. They work so well together, one would think they have been playing together for years. They really can read their opponents as well has each other.

Special Note:

I am so proud of these players and how much they all have achieved this season. I overheard other coaches stating how much they did no want to face the Lago Vista players because their skills at playing the net were great. I even had the head coach of Ingram state that he does not want to face us in tennis anymore. He was referring to the players skills on the tennis courts. He said that he feels next year is going to be very challenging. Everyone did so well this season and I am so proud of each and every one of them.

Coach Sosa

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Final PTO Luncheon of the year

A big thank you to our PTO parents and Mary Wolff for providing our staff with a delicious "Taco Bar" Luncheon on Friday.

We appreciate all that you do for us and look forward to working with you again next year.

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Northshore Firewise Coloring and Poster Contest Winners


Middle School Poster

Reece Whitelaw, 1st

Maya Ramsey, 2nd

Kate Hepp, 3rd

Katelyn Coldicott, HM

Lance Shook, HM


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Summer project for Pre-Ap Biology for the incoming 9th graders.

Pre-Ap Biology Summer Scavenger Hunt

In Pre-AP Biology we will use scientific notebooks to mimic the research methods that scientists use in the field. Some of the items are objects to be photographed; some will need to be researched and written up. Be sure you can answer questions about your collection if asked to explain your findings. All items need to be placed in a composition notebook. Be sure each item is clearly labeled and numbered in the top left of the page according to the assignment numbers. Only one item per page! You can use printed images or draw the images yourself according to the assignment as needed. Be sure to cite the source when noted!


40 items = 100%

35 items = 90%

30 items = 80%

25 items = 70%

20 items = 60%

Items must be correct to count as credit. Judgment rests with the instructor.

1. List the Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species for each of the following: a) Bald Eagle b) Nine-Banded Armadillo c) Coyote d) Bluebonnet e) Striped Black Scorpion

2. Scientific name of 2 fish species considered aquatic nuisance species in Texas; Scientific name of 1 bivalve which is considered aquatic nuisance species in Texas; Scientific name of 1 invertebrate which is considered aquatic nuisance species in Texas.

3. Current City of Lago Vista water quality test results.

4. URL Link to Biology related virtual lab. Include a paragraph (5 sentences) summary of the lab.

5. A labeled microscopic image of each of the following bacteria: Salmonella, Micrococcus luteus, Spirillum volutans, Helicobacter pylori, Clostridium tetani, Treponema pallidum, Klebsiella pneumoniae

6. Link to a podcast that focuses on a biology related topic. Include a paragraph (5 sentences) personal reflection.

7. Identify 5 Enzymes and their function.

8. Biology article from Include a paragraph (5 sentences) personal reflection.

9. Find a picture of James Watson and Francis Crick, by their model of a double helix. Cite the source.

10. Sketch a prokaryote and an animal cell and identify organelles present in each.

11. Search the internet and find a neat microscopic image of red blood cells, sperm cells, nerve cells, osteocytes, cardiomyocyte cells, and adipose cells. Cite the source.

12. A microscopic image taken from a Fluorescence Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM), and label the specimen being observed.

13. A recent scientific article that explains research explaining how emerging technologies may impact society and the environment (e.g., genetic manipulation, biofuels, and hydrogen fuels). Include a paragraph (5 sentences) reflection. Cite your source.

14. Find the names and chemical structures of the 20 essential amino acids that are used to synthesize proteins.

15. A photo of a cell experiencing hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic conditions, label each. Cite the source.

16. A diagram showing the general pathways of viral infection; be sure to show lytic and lysogenic infections.

17. An object that underwent photosynthesis.

18. Diagram of the visible light spectrum with the measurements in nanometers. Cite the source.

19. A pressed flower with the formula for photosynthesis next to it.

20. A detailed illustration of the Calvin Cycle. Cite the source.

21. A detailed illustration of glycolysis. Cite the source.

22. A detailed illustration of the Krebs cycle. Cite the source.

23. 1 diagram labeling all of Earths tectonic plates, and 5 diagrams showing the location of continents 225, 200, 135, 65 million years ago, and present day.

24. A food made from lactic acid fermentation.

25. Find an enzyme lab that could be used in a Biology lesson. Explain the steps of the lab.

26. Photograph of ATP = ENERGY written on a sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.

27. A recent scientific article about genetically modified organisms. Be sure to include the paper and date of the article. As well as, a paragraph (5 sentences) summary of the article.

28. A recent scientific article (within the last year) that explains research done with evolutionary biology. Be sure to include the source of the article and date of the article. As well as, a paragraph (5 sentences) summary of the article.

29. A recent scientifically valid article that explains research done with Ethnobiology. Be sure to include the source of the article and date of the article. As well as, a paragraph (5 sentences) summary of the article.

30. A 100-word report on a woman geneticist describing her importance in history; what made her become a scientist, what contributions she has made, and how she has affected science as a whole.

31. A recent scientifically valid article about “Ardi”. Be sure to include the paper and date of the article. As well as, a paragraph (5 sentences) summary of the article.

32. Bacteria are used to make and process many common foods and important chemicals. List five bacteria that are used in industry and describe their function.

33. A recent scientific article from Be sure to include the title of the article, URL link, and author. As well as, a paragraph (5 sentences) summary of the article.

34. Phylogenic tree of life which represents the branching of all kingdoms of life relating to a common ancestor. Cite the source.

35. A published article featuring someone who has pursued a career in biotechnology. Be sure to include the source of the article. Include a paragraph (5 sentence) summary.

36. A recent scientific article about research done with cancer. Be sure to include the paper and date of the article. As well as, a paragraph (5 sentences) summary of the article.

37. Map indicating the theorized migration patterns of early human throughout the world.

38. Branch from a deciduous tree, include the complete classification. (kingdom-species)

39. Diagram that depicts the geological time scale spiral.

40. Give the common name of the given scientific names:

Lupinus texensis

Pascopyrum smithii

Procyon lotor

Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis

Agelaius phoeniceus

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