Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank


Anne Frank was a bright, spirited young lady who lived in Amsterdam during World War Two. She was born on June 12 , 1929. Because her and her family were Jewish, they had to go into hiding from the natzis in July of 1942. Her father (Otto Frank) organized a hiding place for them in a secret annex (attick).Anne Frank, along with her family, the Van Dann family, and a dentist named Mr.Dussel,camped out in the annex for over 2 years. Anne Frank died March 31, 1945. She and her sister Margot both died of typhus at the burgen-belson concentration camp.

We must show currage when faced with obsticles

The theme, we must show currage when faced with obsticles, is shown throughout the diary of Anne Frank . Anne shows currage when her no her family go into hiding. In her diary she says,"It's the silence in the night that frightens me the most." (381) This shows currage because although Anne is scared, she. continues on. Another example of currage is Mr.kraler and Meip helping the families in the annex. Anne writes ," If the natzis found out they were helping us, they would suffer the same fate that we would." (381) This shows currage because they do not have to help and be in harms way, but they do, because it is the right thing to do. The final example of currage in the diary of Anne Frank is when they are found by the green police. The play reads ," she is no longer a child, but a woman with currage to face what comes next." (433) These are examples of how we need currage when faced with obsticles.

You need friends and family to cheer you up

The theme, you need friends and family to cheer you up, is shown throughout the diary of Anne Frank. Anne's mother (Mrs.Frank) shows signs of friendship and family by sticking up for everyone in the house when Mr.VanDann steals food. "Were all of us are hungry! I see the children getting thinner and thinner. Your own son Peter..I've heard him moan in his sleep, he's so hungry." (425) this shows friendship and family because if she had not stood up for the family, they could have sufferd more.


The diary represent Anne Frank because Anne loved to write on her diary. She wrote in it every day from the day she got it.