Battle of Monmouth

By: Alexis Wescoat


Does the Revolutionary War pop into your head when you hear the word Monmouth? Not only was there a battle at Monmouth, but there was also a build up as well as some aftermath. In the beginning of the Battle of Monmouth, the British had 3,500 more men than the Patriots. Even though there were about 25,500 men in the Battle of Monmouth many were captured, wounded, and killed. Hopefully, after reading this the Revolutionary War will pop into your head when you hear the word Monmouth.

The Build Up/Aftermath

First, The Build Up and Aftermath were just as important as the battle itself. Second, The Battle of Monmouth took place on June 28, 1778. Third, When the Patriots won the Battle of Saratoga, the victory got the French to start helping the Patriots, and this made Henry Clinton worry about his claim in New York. Fourth, He started to move his men there, and that is when Washington attacked. Fifth, On the Patriot's side 400 men were killed, 40 wounded, and 22 captured. Sixth, On the British side 289 men were killed, 641 wounded, and 60 captured. Lastly, Now that you know how many men were wounded, let's get to how they got wounded.
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The Build Up/Aftermath

The Battle

First, Even though the British had more men, neither the Patriots, nor the British came out victorious in this battle. Second, Charles Lee was sent with 5,000 men to attack the rear, but got into some fights with British groups. Third, That made the whole British army turn around and attack them. Fourth, Lee started to retreat when George Washington came with the whole Patriot army, and confronted him. Fifth, Lee was sent to the back of the army, while Washington held off the British attacks. Sixth, The Patriot's launched a nighttime assault. Last, No one really knows why.
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The Battle

Important Figures

First, Even though there were around 25,500 men in The Battle of Monmouth, about 100 were captured, about 700 wounded, and about 700 killed. Second, Charles Lee was badly about 20 years before The Battle of Monmouth. Third, Lee was wounded in the battle at Fort Ticonderoga. Fourth, Lee was originally fighting for the British, but he decided to fight for the Patriots instead. Fifth, Mary Ludwig Hayes got the nickname Molly Pitcher, because she brought water to the soldiers on the field. Sixth, When Mary's husband was wounded, she filled in for him, or should I say filled the cannons. Seventh, Of the around 25,500 soldiers that fought in The Battle of Monmouth, only around 1,500 men survived.

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Molly Pitcher At Monmouth


Even if the Revolutionary War didn't pop into your head when you heard the word Monmouth before, I hope it will now. There was a build up and some aftermath, but there was mainly a battle at Monmouth. Even though the British had more men the Patriots didn't back down. Of the around 25,500 men that fought in The Battle of Monmouth about 1,500 men died. I hope after reading this, when someone says the word Monmouth, The Revolutionary War will pop into your head.


Nickname- A name that people in your life call you that is different than your real name (such as Rhino or Mad Man).

Victorious- To have won or to have a victory

Assault- A millatary attack, A violent physical attack

Retreat- To withdraw or move back

Rear- The furthermost point from the front


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