Grade 2J Newsletter


Week 5 Summer Term Tuesday 3rd May- Friday 6th May 2016

G1 and G2J Swim Gala

Grade 2 had a wonderful morning at the G1 and G2J swimming gala on Thursday morning. The children all showed amazing enthusiasm, commitment and perseverance in all events and came united in cheering on their houses in the final relay events. It was amazing to see all the hard work that the children have put into learning the different strokes and it was wonderful to see the confidence in all of the students.

Grade 2J would like to extend a special THANK YOU to the SJIIES PE department (the best in the world, we reckon!) for a brilliantly planned event. Mr V, Mrs Crossland, Mr Mac, Mrs Cummings, Mr Jhoven and Coach Marian showed every virtue possible this week and are the picture of excellence. Thank you!

Well done Jaime for winning the G1 & 2J 2016 Swim Gala!

Please note that all Grade 2J classes have finished their swim block for this term and are now back to having 2 land PE lessons a week, until the summer holidays. Thanks to all parents who have helped out at swim classes this term.

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IPC - Chocolate

This week the children looked at the history of chocolate and plotted events on a timeline. The children also looked at the production of chocolate and sequenced the manufacturing process using pictures.

Next week, we examine 'Fair Trade' and the morality of labor conditions around the world. We then move into looking at the sustainability of the chocolate industry from different perspectives.

Please look at the 'Fair Trade' IPC homework task this week. This is a small task but the students have enjoyed finding out facts and solving the mystery of the 'Fair Trade' logo. We understand the time pressures many families are under so this task is optional homework.

Just a reminder that chocolate making field trip notes went home on Tuesday and these need to be handed back to the school by Monday 16th May. The experience is an essential part of the learning in the unit as it forms a substantial part of the design and technology component. Please talk to your class teacher if you have any queries about the trip.

Language Arts

With the public holiday on Monday and the Swim Gala on Thursday we have had a short week this week in Language Arts lessons.

Students finished off their topic of Poetry by editing and publishing their poems that contained alliteration and then taking part in a ‘Poetry Sharing Celebration’ on Friday afternoon. There was great excitement at this celebration as students got to proudly and confidently share their poems with all their peers from their grade. Students carefully read their poems aloud to others using good expression and fluency and making sure to keep to the intended rhythm of the poem. They also demonstrated good listening skills when being an audience to their friends’ poetry performances. It was pleasing to see the students showing the virtues of caring, consideration and tact when providing feedback to peers about their poems. The students really enjoyed discovering how students from different G2J classes to their own had used their creativity to write poems with rhyming couplets and alliteration.

Next week students will begin their new writing topic on ‘Non-fiction texts’.

In Spelling this week students continued to learn about prefixes (a group of letters added before a word or base to alter its meaning and form a new word). This week they focussed on the prefixes de- and re-. Next week students will begin a new spelling focus on Homophones.

In CAFÉ reading lessons students have continued to focus on a Fluency Strategy: ‘Adjust and apply different reading rates to match text’ and they particularly utilised this skill during the sharing poetry celebration when they read their poems with fluency, expression and with a reading rate that reflected the mood and tone of their poem.

Maths - Multiplication and Division

In Maths this week, we started to learn about "Multiplication and Division."

We now know that multiply is just like repeated addition and also means groups of. We used counters, cards, cubes and anything else we could get our hands on to make groups. We then learned to the multiplication sentence and use the multiplication symbol. We were able to solve questions like:

Mrs Mac had 4 pencil cases. She had 5 pencils inside each pencil case. How many pencils did she have altogether?

We now know that divide means to share equally. Again, we used a variety of manipulatives to show the equal groups, before writing the division sentence, using the division symbol. We were able to solve questions like:

Mr Smith had 21 rugby balls. He shared the rugby balls equally between the 3 Grade 2J classes. How many rugby balls did each class receive?

Over the next few weeks, the children will begin to learn the multiplication tables of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10. We will begin with the 2, 5 and 10 times tables next week. We will sing songs, learn rhymes and play games to learn them and will give each child a copy of the tables that they will be working on. We will begin "Times Tables Tests" in a few weeks, also. We will let the children, and parents, know when these are happening.

Home Learning

Week 6 - due Friday 13th May 2016

Please visit our VLE for this homework.

Maths: Complete booklet on multiplication and division.

Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Spelling: Please complete the spelling sheet and remember to complete one spelling activity on Thursday. Please do this in your Home Learning book and remember to write and underline the title.

Handwriting: Please see your child's Home Learning Notebook for the joined up letters practice page using pencil.

Reading: Remember to read with an adult for 10-20 minutes each night. Practise re-telling the main points in the text.

IPC: Optional homework task, due Monday 9th May.

Remember to record all reading books in the reading log found in the back of your organiser.

Save the Date......Friday 27th May-Monday 30th May

Grade 2 J will be sending workbooks home for the weekend on Friday 27th. Please make sure that you have set time aside over this weekend for this so that the experience is meaningful and positive. Children will come home with a package and a covering letter with guidance for parents.

Grade 2J Zoo Expedition Briefing and Reading Workshop

Tuesday, May 31st, 7:30am

ES Sports Hall

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Dates for your diary...

Friday 13th May - Founder's Day, early school closure, G2J 12.20pm dismissal

Friday 20th May - SJIIES Family Picnic and Movie Night 6pm-8pm

Friday 27th-Monday 30th May - Celebration of Learning (books home over the weekend)

Tuesday 31st May - Zoo Expedition & Reading Workshop

Wednesday 1st June - Parent Teacher Conferences 3.30pm-7.30pm

Tuesday 7th June - Grade 2 DBa chocolate making trip to Anjali Chocolat

Thursday 9th June -Grade 2 NMa chocolate making trip to Anjali Chocolat

Friday 10th June - Grade 2GSm chocolate making trip to Anjali Chocolat

Friday 17th June 2016 - End of term