Civil War Newspaper Project

Use These Browsers!

These research browsers will pull out all of the trash and junk and leave you with information gold!

SweetSearch is a search engine for students. Every website in SweetSearch has been evaluated by research experts.

Yippy is a research oriented search engine.

Google Scholar pulls out all of the ads and only keeps scholarly websites or articles. Do be aware that some of the information on this website may be challenging to read. This search engine will help you with your citations and you can save useful websites or articles to your Google Docs account!

Don't Forget About the Databases!

Access the databases through MackinVIA. Under school, start typing Roach Middle School. It will autofill. When you see Roach Middle School as an option, click on it. Your user id is your student ID number and your password is your 8 digit birthday

The best databases to use are:

  • Gale - Student Resources in Context
  • Ebsco - Student Research Center or Kids Search
  • World Book
  • American West - it is a database with amazing primary source documents

Websites That May Be Helpful!

Cite Your Sources!

Use these websites to help you cite your sources for your project! If you use Gale or World Book databases in MackinVIA, your citation will be included with your information.

Bib Me

Easy Bib

Son of Citation Machine

You need to do your citations in MLA format.