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March 2015

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Organizing Your Work at Home

When you conduct your work from home, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed by all of the paperwork and all of the responsibility that comes along with being a business owner. You try and try to keep your work separated from your family, but sometimes find you get your personal paperwork mixed up with your work stuff. The following are some simple ways you can organize your work at home business.

Dedicated Work Space – The first step in organizing your home-based business is to have a space designated for your work space. Ideally, this area should be for your work alone, like a small study or desk/nook as a workstation.

On a budget? Even if you cannot spare a bedroom, you can stake a claim to the kitchen table from, say 7-9 PM, it will help you maintain focus and stay in work mode by encouraging others to stay out of your "office" during that time. your business items and paperwork separate from anything to do with your home.

Filing Cabinet – When you have a work at home business, a filing cabinet is a necessity. You will want to make sure you have space to set up files on your customers, as well as any other businesses you deal with. It is very important, however, to only keep items from your business in this filing cabinet. If you need a space to file personal paperwork, use another filing cabinet and keep it separate from your work area.

On a budget? My first Avon filing cabinet was an empty Avon box with two file folders: one for invoices from Avon and one for copies of my customer's invoices; a mini stapler; highliters, pens; and, a small index box to keep receipts in. I stored all of this in my large Avon box "filing cabinet".

Take Advantage of Your Weboffice – While you may only think there is one way to stay on top of your business, Avon, like many businesses, developed their own system just for representatives. The key is to make sure you know your way around the entire weboffice at and that you actually utilize all of the wonderful business tools that Avon has set up to make your life easier. Once you are familiar with all that Avon has to offer, you will find you won’t be struggling to find the information or tools you need.

On a budget? That's okay! Avon's online weboffice and business tools are absolutely FREE.

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What is Your Favorite Organizational Tool?


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