Spanish Research

For Mr. Vargas



Choose Reedy HS Frisco, TX

Login: 6 Digit Student ID

Password: 8 digit birthday

Use these Databases in MackinVia

ABC Clio: World History The Modern Era

Choose World History: The Modern Era

All 3 of these guys are in this one and they have biographies, photos and illustrations, etc.

On the left hand side of the results, you can filter the results to the type of item you are looking for. I recommend the Biographies, Reference Articles, and Timelines for this assignment.

The MLA Citations in this database should all be at the bottom of each article and at the top under cite this document.

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Britannica School

Use the Level 3 Resources in Britannica.

Stick to the articles, images, and videos on the left hand side for this assingment.

Your Citation is up at the top when you click on the checkmark.

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Gale Virtual Reference Library

I would work with primarily the Biographies and Critical Essays.

To Cite the article, use the Citation Tools Button.

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