The library in the world.

Created by Dasha Kuletskaya 8"B" class

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The title of newspaper is "Первое сентября"

  • It’s published in 2005
  • It’s issue 9/2005
  • There are 47 pages in it. The main rubrics are "Discovering the past " , "Language skills", "Around Russia "
  • It’s a broad sheet.
  • You can read about English language , library in the school, Russian language
  • The information in the newspaper in reliable is May
  • You can use just for you time.

Libraries versus Internet

Libraries are important for their books, because books give us possibility to dream and imagine something, books give us knowledge. Books are exercises for our brain.

Libraries versus Internet, what will win?. I think that Internet is continuation of Libraries in much more comfortable form (digital form). Internet gives us possibility to find some information in short period of time. But library is a place where even its conditions give inspiration and energy to study and to get knowledge.

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