4th Grade Parkside Elementary

December 14th - 18th, 2015


Continue to review text structure, context clues, summarizing non-fiction and all informational/non-fiction text strategies and questions we have learned about to date. We will have a literacy test the middle of this week. Be sure you are completing assigned homework.


This week in math we are continuing to work on division. Students will be analyzing word problems in order to understand what the problem is asking them to solve. They will determine strategies to use in order to solve the problem, based on the question asked.

For examples, click on the following link:


Your child will be given a mini-check as a quiz grade on Wednesday for division.

Field Trip Information

We have two exciting field trips planned for our fourth graders! Our first trip will be in February to the Vulcan Rock Quarry in Concord- the cost of this trip will be $6 per student.

Our trip in April will be to the NC Mountains. This will cost approximately $80 per student and payment plans will begin in January.

Be on the lookout for permission slips and payment due dates!

Winter Celebrations Information

Parkside has planned some pretty awesome Winter Celebrations for next week! These celebrations are unique in that all of the students will be celebrating together by grade level.

· Dec 17 - 4th and 5th Grade Winter Party @ 10:05-11:05 am

We need your help with making these celebrations a success!

Here's the big picture ---- each party will have:

1) Snack Station (decorating sugar cookies)

2) Dance Party (music and dancing)

3) Arts and Crafts (varies by grade level; see attached pics for examples)

Here's what we need your help with:

1) Snack donations

2) Craft supply donations

3) Parent volunteers to set-up

4) Parent volunteers to help during the parties

5) Parent volunteers to clean up

We've developed SignUp Genius links to make it easy for parents to sign up to help.

Fourth and Fifth Grades Celebration: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0B4EADA923A75-4thand

We need as many parents as possible to participate in some way. Please consider donating supplies and your time as we want to make sure that all of our students have spectacular winter celebrations this year! We need all donations the day before the party.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Thank you so much in advance,


Science, Social Studies and Health

We are continuing to study Force and Motion in Science. With all of the activities this week there will be NO Science Homework:)

Ben Franklin is still our concentration in Social Studies...he is an amazing part of our history.

Students will be reviewing good and bad food choices...especially for the holiday!!