Space Discoveries

William Herschel

First Discovery

William Herschel was a famous astronomer born in Germany and lived in England. He was the first to discover the planet Uranus in 1781 using his own made telescopes.Herschel's discovery brought him many honours and allowed him to become a fulltime astronomer employed by George III.

Second Discovery

He then studied Saturn and discovered the moons Enceladus and Mimas which took him many more steps closer to become an even better astronomer. They were named by his son John in 1847 and 1852, respectively, well after his death.

Other Discoveries

Herschel measured the axial tilt of the planet Mars which then was the third to observe that there was Martian ice caps on Mars which changed size with the planet's seasons.

Technoligies Used

William's discoveries where mostly found by his own made telescopes which was used only by him at the time which meant not selling his technologies to others for there use.