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What is Mixed Economy?

Mixed Economy is a system that combines the command and market economies. It allows a private participation in production while ensuring that society is protected from the fall and rise of the market. The advantage of this type of market is that it allows competition between producers with regulations in place to protect society as a whole. With the government being present in the economy it brings a sense of security to sellers and buyers, this security helps maintain a stable economy.

How does it work?

A mixed economy is run by both the government as well as the private owners. The public sector works along side the private sector, but may compete for the same limited resources. In mixed economy, there is less inequality of income because the government wants to have a balanced economy. Also a mixed economy allows individuals to run their business and make profits at the same time.

Countries with Mixed Economies:


Some people say that one disadvantage of a mixed economy is they lean more towards government control and less towards individual freedoms. But, in fact, some people encourage the government to centrally manage health care, welfare, and retirement programs.

Pick Mixed Economy!!

Most of world's major countries have mixed economies. This economy is perfect for those people who like control and freedom. So , choose Mixed Economy!
Mixed Economy