Ms. Kilar's Class News

Friday, May 6, 2016

Night at the Museum

There is another letter and directions for the biography project in the homework folder. Our Night at the Museum presentation is on Wednesday, May 18. Students are asked to dress up as the person they have been researching. Please, do not go out and buy items for their costumes, make what you have at home work for the costume. If your child needs props or something specific please ask me or have your child ask the class. In the past kids have borrowed items or we've been able to find items to make it work.

Language Arts

  • Reading: This week we read a story about a tortoise and a hippo, "Owen and Mzee" who developed an unusual friendship. Our focus was on compare and contrast relationships in the text.
  • Writing: We kept plugging away on our notes for the biography project. The notes are coming home today, for homework students will need to write a response to the questions for their report.
  • Grammar: We reviewed commas in compound sentences and to set off an introductary clause. We also reviewed punctuating dialogue.


This week students learned two strategies for subtracting mixed numbers that required renaming: 1.regrouping 2. making improper fractions. It was very challenging! Students worked on multistep fraction problems at the end of the week. They also had the opportunity to do some M-Step practice problems on the laptops to get them comfortable with the M-Step format.

Science and Social Studies

Science: Students wrapped up their investigations designing digital devices to send coded messages. They got very creative! To close out our waves unit, students are making videos instead of taking a test. They are interviewing a mad scientist and reviewing the information we learned in the unit in their video. Another chance to show their creativity! I'll be sure to post them on YouTube and send parents the link when they are done next week.

Social Studies: We took a tour of the Harbor Point Lighthouse. Thank you to our parent volunteers in both classes who were able to help chaperone the field trip. Thank you to the Harbor Springs Area Historical Society for organizing this great field trip for us.


The only homework this week is to work on and complete the Night at the Museum questions. Please see the letter and notes in the homework folder. Students should write a 5-7 sentence answer to each question about their famous person. They need to write the answers in first person. The also will need to draw a picture on their person for the cover. If you have any questions about the biography project please let me know.

Specials Schedule

  • Monday - Gym
  • Tuesday - Music
  • Wednesday - Library
  • Thursday - Art/Gym
  • Friday - Music

Upcoming Dates

  • May 10 - M-Step
  • May 17 - M-Step
  • May 16 - Presentation from EMS first repsonders
  • May 18 - M-Step
  • May 19 - M-Step
  • May 18-Night at the Museum
  • May 24 - Walking field trip the the Harbor Springs Historical Society
  • June 2 - Field trip to Tahquamenon Falls and Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum (Returning around 6:30)
  • June 9 - Sleeping Bear Dunes (we will be returning around 6:30pm)

  • If you know you'd like to help chaperone one of our June field trips please let me know.

Dot and Dash

We got new toys for the classroom this week, Dot and Dash! They are robots for the students to learn about coding. The kids had a blast with these this week. I hope to use them for science and social studies lessons in next few weeks.

Ms. Kilar

They have their iPads! It was a goof on my part, they need to work on their reports and need their iPads! We'll be testing in the computer lab in the Media Center next week. If they left chargers behind today, I apologize it was a bit chaotic getting everything packed up and ready to go!