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Hello from the Teacherside

Many of you (especially those that are mothers) may have seen this spoof on Adele's song, Hello! It is really hilarious, and I have to brag that Emily is one of my old college roommates. She says it like it is, and there is always humor and passion within her messages. I think one of the us should write a song titled, Hello from the Teacherside and focus on the craziness of schools before a holiday break. Hang in there and remember, 5 more days until a two week break.

Dr. Morrison stressed to us yesterday the importance of "turning off" during the holidays. I encourage you to do that as well. Do not answer emails, work on lesson plans, or worry about what is left here at school. Enjoy time with your family and be present in the moment. I am so thankful for each one of you.

Hello FromThe MotherSide
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Lesson Plans

As a grade level or individually, please share your lesson plans with me. 2nd grade shared their google doc with me, and this has been very helpful! I need to know and understand your plan and design for daily instruction. Many of you are using SchoolNet plans and writing them into your own grade level plans. Please, please share those plans with me. If not, I will assume that you are still using the calendar on SchoolNet. Thanks!
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Mills' Christmas Madness!

The I-team decorated Ralph's office! He made a joke with Cuddy about her holiday decorations in the classroom, and this was the response to that. He has learned to keep his mouth shut! This fabulous photo booth is another fun holiday activity! Gather your team and come take a picture and tweet it out to show your holiday spirit!

Something to think about for January....

We are planning on providing half-day subs for each grade level in January so that you can disaggregate and analyze your semester assessment data and make a plan for differentiated instruction based on individual needs. Talk with your teams about a day that may work for your team. Here are some possible pairings of grade levels:

Kinder AM and 1st PM

3rd-AM and 2nd PM

4th-PM and 5th AM

We will make a plan when we return from the holiday break!

Important Math Information

Action Required

The new mathematics TEKS are now fully implemented K-12. Please be aware that instructional resources purchased prior to the new standards are not fully aligned to the new TEKS adopted in 2012. Encourage teachers to use new resources that have been written for the new standards.

Save the Date for Perot Family Science Night-February 9, 2016 from 6:30-8:30! We will need a lot of teacher volunteers!

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5 MORE DAYS until Holiday Break!

Monday, December 14

Massages for Teachers-Sign up at Sherron's Desk

Tuesday, December 15

Staff Holiday Luncheon Catered by On the Border

Susan Haney's retirement celebration at Casa Milagro

Wednesday, December 16

Hot Chocolate Bar in the lounge

Thursday, December 17

Ugly Sweater Day! Wear your ugly sweater or other festive gear! There will be prizes!

Class Holiday Parties

Friday, December 18

Holiday Song sing along in the cafeteria instead of Specials

Pajama Day for teachers and students--please spread the word to students!

Early Dismissal

2 Weeks Off!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Staff Meeting 3:30

Report Cards Lock at 8:00 p.m.

Friday, January 8

Pep Rally

Movie Night!