Wacky Weather

By Ethan Cook

Tornado Attack

Tuesday, July 8th, 10:45am

Kansas City, KS, United States

Kansas City, KS

There is huge tornado storm coming and all of the meteorologists are getting ready to track the tornado. We all need to use our tools, such as satellites and maps. We meteorologists will be getting information from other experts to help track the storm.
Sunday Morning Theme Song By Wynton Marsalis

Captain Sig Hansen

I am Sig Hansen. I have been a caption for 7 years. My background story is 7 years ago I was a deckhand doing what my crew does now. They put a trap that can catch crabs into the water. When I did this job I had to deal with the weather because I had no protection from the strong waves coming over the side and terrible wind. Now that I'm a captain, I sit in a very comfy captain seat where I drive the ship and run my crew. But weather still affects me because if I run into a big block of ice we can get stuck. Or if I run into a storm one of my crew members could go overboard because of the humongous waves moving the boat. I avoid this by reading the radar to see where the storms are so I can avoid this before it happens. The radar is very helpful because it can save lives and keep us on track so we can catch more crabs.