W. L. Judson

The Zipper

W.L Judson

Chicago IL Born 1844 Muskegon MI died 1909 W.L Judson worked as a traveling salesman at first but then.. He recognized the invention in 1889 then in 1890 he invented the chain lock and he made the clasp locker as well so the invention can get famous.

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Gideon Sunbach

In 1913 Gideon made Judson’s invention better it was sort of like the zipper. Gideon called it the hook fastner. This invention was used for boots.

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W. L. Judson Establishment

Judson’s Universal Fastener Company was established by him to mass produce clasp lockers. Also so his invention could be used and bought.

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High School

There was a high school in converse texa’s that was named in his honor.

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Judson’s Diary!

Judson had a secret diary that has been found. Hiis diary had dates and places and time.
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